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Newbie Nick / Natalie

You’re not quite sure if your business is ready for Infusionsoft or not, but you’re ready to grow! Most of all you want to be prepared so that the transition is smooth and simple when the time is right. In the meantime, you want to implement easy marketing automation strategies to grow your business income and make your life easier right now.


Beginner Brad / Beth

You’re within the first few months of using Infusionsoft and feeling a bit lost. You may have completed your sessions with a success coach but realize that there’s TONS to do, and you need support! More than just implementing, you also need the strategy for your business to make the most of your new software and earn a return on your investment.


Advanced Adam / Alison

You’ve been an Infusionsoft user for a while and need to spend more time creating content and serving your amazing clients. You’d like to optimize the software for your business and work with a partner who knows API Integrations, advanced campaign tactics, membership sites and more. You don’t need just another VA, you need a strategist and Infusionsoft expert!

Are Your Split Test Results Lying to You?

Statistical-Difference-150x150Statistical Significance in Split Testing In Marketing, we LOVE split testing — and for good reason — it’s a fantastic method of optimizing a campaign for the best conversion rates and ultimately biggest profit margins. However, one very important thing to keep in mind when performing these split testing experiments is the “statistical significance” of

Can You Tell What Your Visitors Are Thinking?

DemographicOne of the most commonly under-used parts of Infusionsoft (or marketing automation in general) is collecting psychographic data and acting upon it.  It’s hard because it forces us to use our heads. It’s much easier to collect demographic data (location, age, etc.) but that’s not nearly as helpful when it comes to developing a solution

What is Marketing Automation and Why Should I Care About It?

Infusionsoft-Campaign-300x198In an ideal world, we would have the time to reach out to each customer in a very personal manner.  We’d call them and chat with them for hours on end, trying to help them in any way possible. We’d treat them as if they were the only other person in the world, and our

The Value of Awesome Customer Support

Customer-ServiceHow to Rock at Customer Service I just had a really amazing customer service experience that contained a really awesome lesson for us small business owners.  I had recently bought a few T-shirts from Overall the shirts were okay but I had a few quality issues with two of them — in fact, one

12 Infusionsoft Tag Categories You Should Be Using

IFS-Nav-100x100Last week Jordan Hatch from Infusionsoft gave another awesome mastermind call.  (If you aren’t already registered for these, I highly recommend them! You’ll pick up some great tips and Jordan is an awesome guy.  You can get set up for those here.) My favorite bit of this week’s call was about tag categories that everyone should