What Your Issues Tend to Be

Now that you’ve bought Infusionsoft, you’re feeling flustered and don’t know what to do with it — there’s not enough hours left in the day because you’re feeling completely lost in the system.  You’re frustrated because you’ve had a few sessions with your success coach, but you’re feeling lost… you need a partner who “gets” this technical stuff and actually cares about your business and success!

You’re looking for someone who can be a long term asset and partner in your business with resources and tech “know-how” that you can use.  It’s somewhat discouraging to see those complex campaigns around the web and not know how to even get started.  It’s a real challenge to balance your growing business needs and understand how to utilize this complex software.  You know that there’s a ton that you should be doing with Infusionsoft, but you don’t know where to start!

You are constantly learning new marketing tactics but you need to be able to put them into action.  Campaigns, auto-responders, action-sets, and tags have you feeling like you’re in over your head but you know this stuff is important!  You need someone to explain this stuff in a way that makes sense for you and works for your business.  Most importantly, you need to know that the right stuff is being sent to the right people – because you worked so hard to develop great relationships with your prospects!

What You Need Most Right Now

You need a strategic partnership with a technically minded team – people who can take you by the hand and build your campaigns for you while also explaining what the heck is happening inside the system in a way that actually makes sense to you!  You need a partner that can help you identify the next steps to take just as clearly as the “Big Picture” of where your business is going – then you can focus on planning that next vacation instead of crying over the mess of broken action sets and follow up sequences!

Where to get started

Our Half Day VIP package which combines strategy, training and implementation work in your Infusionsoft app.  The focus is to help you understand the software strategy, get the basics set up correctly with a system to keep things in check, and get you comfortable enough with the app to start generating some sales!  We’ll also implement some basic campaigns such as a welcome sequence or survey contest to begin filling in the blanks from your list and getting the content you need to effectively market to your audience if you don’t already have them in place.

Ready For Help?

Head over to our contact page.  We will set up a quick call to get to know each other and discover if there’s an opportunity to work together.