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Newbie Nick / Natalie

You’re not quite sure if your business is ready for Infusionsoft or not, but you’re ready to grow! Most of all you want to be prepared so that the transition is smooth and simple when the time is right. In the meantime, you want to implement easy marketing automation strategies to grow your business income and make your life easier right now.


Beginner Brad / Beth

You’re within the first few months of using Infusionsoft and feeling a bit lost. You may have completed your sessions with a success coach but realize that there’s TONS to do, and you need support! More than just implementing, you also need the strategy for your business to make the most of your new software and earn a return on your investment.


Advanced Adam / Alison

You’ve been an Infusionsoft user for a while and need to spend more time creating content and serving your amazing clients. You’d like to optimize the software for your business and work with a partner who knows API Integrations, advanced campaign tactics, membership sites and more. You don’t need just another VA, you need a strategist and Infusionsoft expert!

Measuring ROI for Team Members

Today’s reader question: Can I measure the return on investment (ROI) of my team so I know whether I’m getting my money’s worth? As a business owner, it can often feel like you’re hemorrhaging cash and not having anything to show for it.  This can include the expense of your team so it definitely makes

How to use Infusionsoft as a CRM

You don't need a huge team to use Infusionsoft.Thank you to everyone who has submitted questions!  This week, I want to answer a question we get a lot about Infusionsoft’s CRM Functionality. Question: “What is your advice for the best techniques for starting to use Infusionsoft as a CRM? Does Infusionsoft have any methods for importing contact information from business card scanners or

Top 3 “Must-Have” Marketing Campaigns

New Customer CampaignOne of the most common questions I get when starting with a client who is brand new to automation is “There’s SO much to do… where should I begin?” This is totally understandable – in a world where you can automate basically anything, where on earth should you start? Here’s our list of the top

Simple Guide to Internet Marketing Terms

Internet Marketing Terms InfusionsoftIf you’re new to the crazy world of marketing your products online, you may be confused by the myriad of slang terms used to describe parts of the system. Don’t quite have the grasp of the internet marketing terms yet? Never fear, we’re happy to explain.  This article breaks down some of the most common

Why Value Trumps Price for Winning in Business

Kathy Sierra - Minumum Badass UserI had a really interesting experience ordering last minute new business cards this week that taught me a big business lesson. I’m heading to a conference in a few days and just wrapped up the new branding for Automation Heroes, but in the process of getting all the new web stuff online I totally forgot

Does Infusionsoft Make Business Impersonal?

Junk MailA common question from non-Infusionsoft-users is the idea that powerful marketing software such as Infusionsoft makes business impersonal, even cold. It’s a legitimate concern, no one enjoys junk mail sent to “Resident” or email blasts that aren’t relevant to you! So how can so many businesses show increases in engagement and sales after switching to

Tags vs Tag Categories in Infusionsoft

understanding-tags-post-thumb-300x168One of the most powerful yet under utilized features of Infusionsoft is tagging. If you’re unfamiliar with tagging, think of it like labels you use for your friends. You can categorize who is married, who’s single, who has a truck when you’re moving and who has great advice when you’re stressed. Tagging your clients and

How Marketing Automation will Save Your Business

Marketing-Automation-Save-Your-Business-266x300If you’re like most entrepreneurs you find that your time is often spent following up with customers and leads as you promote your business to pay the bills. The problem with this focus is that while you’re busy with managing ads on Google or Facebook, using social media, blogging, and talking or email with potential