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Why isn’t my campaign working? Top 5 mistakes to avoid

It can be tempting to have a one and done type of mentality when it comes to your campaigns.  When you’ve managed to get a great campaign off the ground with all the pieces, you feel so accomplished.  Now that you have a great new campaign to warm up all of your new prospects and

4 Strategies to Follow Up After Getting Rejected and Close the Deal

handshake Last week we talked about follow-up, but what happens when your initial attempts at follow-up are not successful? Often in sales and marketing, the sale is not made on the first attempt so this is pretty normal (in fact, research shows us that it typically takes about 5-12 “touches” to close a sale). There are

5 Ways Your Follow-up Failure is Costing You Major Money

Are you struggling to find the time to follow up with leads and/or clients? Be honest! It is so easy to get caught up with sales, marketing, and serving clients that many entrepreneurs forget to follow-up with leads. While important, it is such an easy thing to fall by the wayside if you’re doing it

Why Infusionsoft Actually Saves You Time And Money

7-Stages-of-Lifecycle-Marketing-300x133As a small business owner, you have to juggle dozens of balls in the air at any given time.  You have to keep tabs on customer relationships, sales, social media, advertisements, marketing materials, product distribution and so much more.  Even if you’re advanced enough to delegate some of these responsibilities, you’re still in charge of

Can You Tell What Your Visitors Are Thinking?

DemographicOne of the most commonly under-used parts of Infusionsoft (or marketing automation in general) is collecting psychographic data and acting upon it.  It’s hard because it forces us to use our heads. It’s much easier to collect demographic data (location, age, etc.) but that’s not nearly as helpful when it comes to developing a solution