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How to set up payment plans

New Infusionsoft users are regularly stumped when setting up payment plans in Infusionsoft – rightfully so because the process takes a few steps and could certainly become a bit more user friendly. This tutorial walks through the basics of setting up a payment plan in a few different scenarios.

Step 1: Set up your product that you’d like to offer with a payment plan

Infusionsoft menu -> E-commerce -> Products


[1] Set up product payment plan in e-commerce setup Infusionsoft

Choose “Add a Product” and give your product a name.

 [2] Add a product in Infusionsoft E-commerce

Next, you need to set the “normal” selling price of the product. This is the price that is considered the “Pay in Full” price. [3] Create a product payment plan in Infusionsoft

On this step, you can also add info about the product such as an image, description, category, etc., but it’s not required for this demo.

Save your product, then head over to:

Infusionsoft Menu -> E-commerce -> E-commerce Setup 

Choose “Payment Plans” under the Payment Category 
[5] Infusionsoft E-Commerce Setup Payment Plan

Then, “Add a Payment Plan” [6] Infusionsoft set up a payment plan


On this screen, you want to give your payment plan a name that makes sense for the future. For example, we like to use a convention like “X-Pay for Product Y (Details Z)” (ex.”3-Pay for Swing Master ($197 x 3)”) so that when you have a list of dozens of payment plans later, you’ll easily be able to identify what the product and options are being used without needing to open the plan to see.

 [7] Setting up Infusionsoft payment plan multiple payments

For payment plans, you have the option of setting up an upcharge in two ways: Percentage or Amount.

Percentage is straight forward, if you put 10%, it will take the product price from Step 1, add 10%, and split the new total across the number of payments you specify in this step.

Amount works the same, but is a favorable way for certain scenarios: Example – what if we wanted to charge 3 equal payments of $197 (spaced 1 month apart each) for the normal product price of $497?

We need to do a little bit of math:

Amount upcharge = (# of payments) * (individual payment amount) – (Normal product price).

So for our example, # of payments is 3, individual payment amount is $197, and normal product price is $497.

Therefore we have: (3 * $197) – $497 = $94 upcharge.

We put this number into the “Amount” field, and leave the dropdown setting on “Amount”.

We also need to set the Scheduling options. In this example, we will set 3 payments spaced 30 days apart each. We will set “Days until start” to 0 because we want the first charge to go through on the first day. Otherwise this effectively works as a free trial [8] How to set up Infusionsoft payment plan details

The rest of the options can typically be left as default. However if you want to specify a particular merchant account to use, or change the number of charge try attempts, you can do this here.

Click “save” and you’re almost done.

*IMPORTANT* This next step is the most often forgotten and will mess up the rest of your Infusionsoft order forms / carts that sell any products if not addressed.

Now we need to set the “Criteria” for when this payment plan will be offered. This is incredibly important, because otherwise it will show up for every product you offer. In most cases, this is NOT what you’d want. The only time you’d likely use this is if you are going to leave it on “percentage” and charge a default rate like 10% upcharge for anything that includes 3 payments.

To set the criteria in this example, pick “Add Criteria” and choose the “Product/Qty Criteria”. [9] Choosing the criteria for infusionsoft payment plan setup

Choose the product you wish to offer the payment plan for in the dropdown.

We need to specify a minimum and maximum number. If this is a product that would never be sold in multiples (like a coaching membership), it’s okay to set these to “1” and “1” respectively

[10] Choose the infusionsoft criteria quantity for payment plan

With these options set up, we are good to go!

Have any questions or need some extra help? Leave a comment below or visit our contact us page


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  1. Thanks! This was really helpful. I couldn’t even find any info on how to do this on Infusionsoft’s help pages. Got this done in less than 3 minutes.

    • Hey Rachel, thanks for the comment! I also found it ridiculous that it’s not more clear on how to set these up since it’s such a common practice. Glad you found it helpful :)

  2. This was exactly what I needed! Thanks so much for the excellent instructions!

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