How to set up payment plans

New Infusionsoft users are regularly stumped when setting up payment plans in Infusionsoft – rightfully so because the process takes a few steps and could certainly become a bit more user friendly. This tutorial walks through the basics of setting up a payment plan in a few different scenarios. Step 1: Set up your product that you’d like to offer … Read More

5 Key Takeaways from #ICON that will Skyrocket your Business

Every year Infusionsoft holds an annual user conference called ICON (shortened from InfusionCon) where software users, business experts, programmers, and marketing gurus all collaborate for 3 days in sunny Phoenix, AZ. This year marks our 3rd straight trip to the conference, and I wanted to share my key takeaways that will have the biggest impact on your business. #1 – … Read More

Why isn’t my campaign working? Top 5 mistakes to avoid

It can be tempting to have a one and done type of mentality when it comes to your campaigns.  When you’ve managed to get a great campaign off the ground with all the pieces, you feel so accomplished.  Now that you have a great new campaign to warm up all of your new prospects and get them ready to buy, … Read More

13 Apps to Systematize Your Business in 2014

As your business grows, you’ll start to find yourself busier than ever. Leveraging technology is a great way to help you systematize your business so that you can streamline your efforts and continue to grow your business. Here’s 10 of our favorite apps that can help you do that in 2014: 1. Flowdock – If you have a team, this … Read More

5 Ways to Supercharge Your Website Opt-in Rates


I love learning new ninja tricks to improve opt-in conversion rates! If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it’s simply improving the number of people who enter their email info on a website signup page compared to number of page visitors who see that offer. Some tricks are dead simple and others are very complex, but I recently came across a … Read More

Are You Scaring Away Your Leads? [Cats vs Cheese]

Are you scaring away your prospects? One of my absolute favorite business podcast episodes is #24 on “I Love Marketing” Podcast with Dean Jackson & Joe Polish. The title is “The one with more cheese and less whiskers”, which may sound incredibly strange as a business concept.  I know it made me cock my head sideways when I first saw … Read More

4 Strategies to Follow Up After Getting Rejected and Close the Deal

 Last week we talked about follow-up, but what happens when your initial attempts at follow-up are not successful? Often in sales and marketing, the sale is not made on the first attempt so this is pretty normal (in fact, research shows us that it typically takes about 5-12 “touches” to close a sale). There are many reasons people don’t make … Read More

5 Ways Your Follow-up Failure is Costing You Major Money

Are you struggling to find the time to follow up with leads and/or clients? Be honest! It is so easy to get caught up with sales, marketing, and serving clients that many entrepreneurs forget to follow-up with leads. While important, it is such an easy thing to fall by the wayside if you’re doing it all yourself or having your … Read More

What is a campaign?

If you’re new to automation, some of the terms may be overwhelming. One question we get a lot is “What exactly is a campaign?” The short answer is that a campaign is a series of automated tasks you get to determine but there is of course a lot more to it than that! Campaigns are sequences of events designed to … Read More

Why a Squeeze Page Converts Best for Email Opt-ins

Conversion is definitely something that most entrepreneurs are (or should be) concerned with.  You’ve probably heard a lot of different method to increase conversion and may be wondering what to do.  Today, I want to talk a bit about squeeze pages and conversion. A squeeze page is a landing page that is created specifically to generate for opt-ins, most typically either … Read More