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Automation Heroes Team

The Automation Heroes team aims to conquer your business and marketing chaos by helping you leverage the awesome power of marketing automation. We can help you multiply yourself to serve more customers and earn more money – which provides you with the freedom to spend your time on what’s most important to YOU.

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Patrick Conley | Founder

 Hey I’m Patrick, Founder of Automation Heroes. I’ve taken my background and experience as a robotics & manufacturing engineer to help small businesses generate massive profits through the killer systems and strategies. Referred to by some as an “Infusionsoft wizard”, I like to think of myself as more of a mad scientist – if there’s something you want to accomplish, it’s my mission to figure out how to make it happen. Our goal is to help you maximize your profits so quickly that working with us becomes a “no-brainer”! When I’m not tinkering with the API or developing new marketing strategies, I’m jamming on guitar, exploring a new country, or ripping it up on the dance floor ;)

Rob Fulton | Co Founder

 Hello! I’m Rob, Co-Founder of Automation Heroes. My ability to help you stems from working on hundreds of small business strategies. Calling it an addiction is an understatement. I MUST drive massive profit to your business’ bottom line. I have a knack for focusing on driving sales, higher margins on your products, adding massive referral programs that work, finding hidden profit centers in current product sales, as well as gaining massive advantages over your competition. We can integrate our successful strategies into your business to save you time, make you more profitable, and have real “flow” in your business. I’m driven by making your life good in your business. When I am not slaying your competitors, I am doing backflips with my guitar on stage while singing “We Are the Champions” and traveling the earth to find Waldo.

Graham English | Systems Mastermind

 I’m Graham English. I’m currently a key player in several multi-million dollar businesses. I design systems. Systems allow your business to scale and grow. I often think of myself as a creative director. I create things that my clients need as well as creating things for my own enjoyment. I bring good things to life (my initials are GE after all). When I’m not making businesses more valuable, I’m shredding on my vintage Hammond B3 and bringing the funk to Boston’s gritty nightlife. Stay cool, cats.

Diana Olson | Chief Customer Experience Officer

Hey there! I’m Diana, the chief customer experience officer for Automation Heroes. It is my privilege to ensure that you are taken care of above and beyond with the utmost professionalism and respect. It is our philosophy, here at Automation Heroes to demonstrate sincere, authentic appreciation for our customers. We commit 100 percent to customer service and we take pride in offering service that is far superior to our competitors. It is my responsibility to make sure our customers know that they always come first no matter what and increased customer loyalty is important to us. Teamwork and professionalism count and we not only service our customers through the products and services we offer, but with the overall customer experience as well. It is important to us that every customer feels valued, welcome and cared for.